Wednesday, September 12, 2012

4 Fitness Weight Loss Exercises And Their Benefits

Expert Author Justin C Udeh

The quest to loss weight has been traced back to medieval times; however, this century has marked the highest. The major reasons why obese persons seek for best methods to shed weight is not just in shedding fat or being in shape but to keep the organs safe, avoid diseases associated with obesity and avoidance of early death.

Physical exercises are the fundamental approach to weight loss alongside eating healthy balanced diet. Veterans Affairs Health Care System found that the amount of exercise a person could engage in without reaching exhaustion was a strong predictor of survival. Without exercise most of the food we eat to watch our weights may not work effectively. The benefits of exercise to losing weight cannot be overemphasized, therefore let us highlight the benefits of four major types of exercises necessary for persons who want to loss weight.

1. Walking
Walking actually helps to reduce blood pressure and the risk of suffering heart attack which are common disease and sufferings among persons with heavy weight. In staying healthy with walking requires time commitment. How much? if you're walking at a moderate pace, you need to work towards logging a total of 60 minutes a day - in periods of at least 10 minutes each" Brisk walking for 30 or 60 minutes daily may also keep you healthy. Some experts recommend wearing lightweight footwear that breathes and that has flexible soles, good arch supports, cushioned insoles, and comfortable toe room. Please note moderate walking as a form of exercise for obesity is recommended for persons who are old or with major coronary heart diseases.

2. Jogging
Another yet effective way to help heavy weight persons is if they can jog. Jogging is running at a slow pace. Some experts say jogging has been found to be most effective and efficient way to achieve cardiovascular fitness. However, because of its high impact, jogging is more likely to cause muscle and joint injury. Hence, joggers are reminded and encouraged to wear adequate shoes, do stretching and perform jogging with moderation.

3. Swimming
Weight loss is synonymous with swimming. In reducing weight one needs to affect all part of the body in and out. Swimming exercises all the major muscle groups in your body. It helps to keep the joints flexible, and it can give you virtually all the cardiovascular benefits of jogging. Because swimming is gentler on the body, it is often recommended for people with heavy weight problems. Word of caution please avoid swimming alone.

4. Rebounding
This aerobic form of exercise is ideal for heavy weight people. It requires the use of the a small trampoline. The exercise simply involves bouncing on the trampoline. The good thing is that rebounding improves both blood and lymphatic circulation, increases the capacity of the heart and lungs, and improves muscle tone, coordination and balance.

For healthy living, heavy weights should consider the above exercises and practice them with utmost care and consistency. Healthy living should not be compromised; neglect of these exercises is tantamount to committing suicide which I believe you don't consider right now.
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