Sunday, September 30, 2012

Egg Poachies To Make Your Breakfast Quick And Healthier

By Laura Wimble

To stay healthy and keep fit one should take fresh fruit juices and eggs in their diet. There are many ways to cook eggs and prepare the breakfast quicker. Sometimes people having difficulty to properly poach an egg. Some of the people have also struggled to correctly boil an egg. Egg poachers are the elegant idea to cook eggs and using an egg timer will give significant time. Now a days people having less time to have their breakfast as they have to go schools, offices and other workplaces.

They'll provide healthy water poached eggs in minutes, and because there is no need of butter, oil or vinegar the diet will be happy too! A double egg poacher with non-stick coating is super easy and quick to use, one has to simply hook over the edge a pan when cooking for two (It's also great for lifting hard boiled eggs from the pan, allowing the water to drain away).

Egg poaching bags must cook poached eggs perfectly and should be capable to be used for jellies, ice-creams and other desserts as well. Dishwasher safe is another quality that should be in it. It should be non-stick and heat resistant, so that one can put them in the microwave, oven, freezer. Most of the people avoid eggs because they think that eggs can be the reason for fats and cholesterol in the body. Yet, they are able to give the best start to the day with many reasons.

Firstly, they are packed with goodness - the yolk contains calcium, Vitamins A and D, foliate and phosphorus and the whites contain protein, and whilst it is the yolk that contains the cholesterol that people try to avoid, it is also the yolk that contains most of the nutrients! The egg people choose also influences how good they are for them - buying eggs that are omega-3 fatty acids gives an extra boost to the intake of these essential fatty acids.

They can be a perfect start for anyone trying to lose weight - yes that is absolutely right! They will provide their consumer with around 6.3g of protein which will boost the energy meaning people are less likely to start snacking before lunch - all that and around only 92 calories! They are fast! With so many of us are looking for a fast way to get a good breakfast inside us and more time in bed in the morning, many of us have toast for breakfast thinking of it as a fast breakfast, but why not pop on an egg at the same time?

Preparing breakfast with eggs will not take a long time, as they are quickly cooked. There is very less or no use of oil to poach an egg and the good news is there are certain egg-perfect egg timer kitchen tools available in the UK which makes it easier. By getting egg timer a person can have soft and hard boil eggs according to the need.

Having a low calorie diet, full of protein by egg poachers is still incomplete without a fruit juice in the breakfast as Vitamin C increase the iron absorption from the meal. In fact, it makes the iron many times more soluble to using the maximum of the iron by the body. Iron keeps anemia caused by fatigue controlled. In this regard one should have a juice squeezer in the kitchen. To squeeze the juice directly from the fruit it is a great idea.

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