Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How To Start Exercising If You're Obese

Have you come to the realization that you've put on weight and it's time to start exercising again? That's a hard realization, but you can help yourself get out of your situation. Losing weight certainly isn't the easiest thing to do, but it can be done. And it certainly has to be done for your health.

The first thing to do before you start exercising is to check with your doctor and determine your current fitness and health levels. If you have certain health conditions like cardiovascular diseases or joint aches and pains, then you will have to take it easy on the intensity of your exercise. This will no doubt slow down your weight loss progress, but you should not overexert yourself - that could do more harm than good. So it's important to first know where your body stands and how much exercise it can take without being harmed.

Next, you should create an exercise plan. Aim to start slow with some low impact exercises every other day, and slowly make this a daily routine. Try your best to incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise each day into your schedule. If you have the money, you can join a gym and hire a personal trainer to create a plan for you and teach you the right way to do your exercises, but this is optional. The most important thing is that you push yourself above all else.

Once you have an exercise plan, you have to stick to it. Remember to only push your body as much as is comfortable and don't overdo it. You will need to take it slow at first to oil up those muscles and joints that haven't been in use for years. Once you have lost some of your weight and your fitness level has increased, then you can increase the duration as well as the intensity of your exercise if you wish.

Do remember that exercising alone will not help you lose weight effectively if you do not change your eating habits. A good exercise regime should always be supplemented by a healthy diet, and with lower calories if you are planning to lose weight. Lastly, remember that you will have to make eating healthy and exercising regularly a habit if you are going to keep the weight off for life. Otherwise, you will be stuck in an endless cycle of yo-yo dieting, and that is certainly not a fun way to live life.
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