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Eating Healthy While In School

By Trevor Johnson

Puberty is the most exposed stage for piling on weight. Attending parties, gorging on tempting foods, beverages are part of fun but such foods have harmful effect on your health when consumed almost everyday. College refrectories are crowded with students relishing fast foods and junks while whining non stop about the flaws in their figure.

Weight management and weight gain are the subjects debated often among girls, who are often oblivious of the proven fact that it is the diet that matters the most. The idea is simple, the more that you pork out on fatty foods, the more that you add weight. Those that are truly worried about their fitness know what to eat and what to keep clear of. And people who are still to change their bad eating habits can refer to these diets for college kids, that are absolutely easily followed.

Varsity life becomes stressful when you're engrossed under the pressure of studies. To keep the mind fresh and energetic, and to bear with the stress, one should follow a healthful and sensible diet. Food you consume must give you sufficient energy for performing extracurricular activities also.

Special K Diet

Most everyone is acutely aware of Kellogg's Special K Brand. The crispy cornflakes are devoid of fats and a perfect choice for breakfast. Students who stay at hostels can always keep a packet with themselves. To make it better tasting, you are able to add assorted fruits like banana, strawberries and apples. Have it with skimmed milk and luxuriate in the taste. You can mix it with honey too. Repeat the same for your dinner when necessary. The special K diet is actually a weight loss diet and therefore , you have to be careful about your meals. Combine the diet with a large amount of green leafy veggies and salads.

1500 Calorie Diet

1500 calorie is the ideal figure for the total amount of calories that could be consumed in a day. Thus, you have to keep an account on the quantity of calories that you consume every day. So how would you attain that target? Let your breakfast be of 500 calories and lunch four hundred calories. Since the dinner should be light, limit it to 300 calories and the leftover 300 calories would be made up for snacks. For breakfast you can have oats or brown bread.

Have with scrambled eggs, margarine or peanut butter. Whole grain tortillas, a cup of brown rice together with griddled or baked chicken would be the menu for lunch. Have beats, lentils and plant dishes at dinner. Scale back the intake of snacks and replace junks with healthy food like protein shakes, banana, milk, fresh fruit juices, nuts, popcorn, for example.

Calorie Shifting Diet

The calorie shifting diet is a simple diet to follow for students. It elevates metabolism levels since you can incorporate various foods in your diet, that cause upshifting and downshifting of calories. If you have planned to follow this diet for a duration of 7 days, then you've got to alternate the calorie count everyday. As an example, increase the quantity of complex carbohydrates in the day you are consuming more calories, while proteins should be consumed in huge portions in the downshifting phase. But make sure your diet is healthy, comprising dairy products, vegetables, fruits and whole wheat products. Limit intake of sugars, white flour bread and bleached flour products to govern weight gain.

Liquid Diet Although it isn't suggested for college students to survive completely on liquid diet, what they can do is, include a lot of healthy and vitamin-rich drinks in their diets instead of solid foods. You can start your day with a glass of warm lemon water, that would act as a master cleanse for your body. Select low calorie foods, that have been either baked, boiled or cooked in minimum quantity of oil. Have plant soups prepared from lettuce, cabbage and spinach.

Drink a lot of fresh, unsweetened fruit juices rather than aerated drinks and canned juices. Soups prepared from soybeans, beats and lentils are also healthy. Beef stew and chicken soup aren't only healthy but are also tasty. Energy drinks containing unique mixing of proteins, carbs, minerals and vitamins must be consumed at least once every day.

Choosing between sensible food and fast foods is a tricky job at this age. But considering the benefits of healthy food and for fulfilling your weight loss goals, you have to incorporate a diet that would get you the specified results. Eating pizzas and burgers a couple of times a month is definitely fine. But a little effort to keep control over your diet would certainly show excellent results ultimately.

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