Thursday, September 20, 2012

What's Up With The Cookie Diet

By Almeta Wadley

Amongst all the eating plans on the market, quite possibly the most appealing one is referred to as the cookie diet. Almost everybody adores some type of cookie or some other. As a consequence, simply the name alone summons a comfortable picture of consuming nothing but marvelous cookies. Traditional wisdom probably would propose that an element that looks far too good to be true, probably is not at all true. Now let's look at this delicious sounding diet program.

The weight loss plan was created in 1975 by a weight-loss doctor in Florida known as Sanford Siegal. When researching a diet book, he put together a proprietary mix of amino acids made to regulate cravings. This man cooked them into a cookie, and the weight loss diet was given birth. The guy ultimately sold quite a few weight loss clinic franchises using the cookie diet plan. At some time or another, there was clearly a break, and the respectable medical doctor no longer has anything to do with the surviving franchise companies.

The fundamental picture with the diet regime is to enjoy half dozen of those cookies, a single one every 2 hours in the daytime, to completely curtail being hungry. Six cookies total about five hundred calories. Then, each day ends along with a smallish three hundred calorie dinner. From a clean counting calories standpoint, very nearly any person having an eight hundred calorie per day intake will probably lose weight.

The cookie diet carries a couple weak spots. One, most dietitians along with the American Medical Association are of a fairly strong viewpoint that any type of calorie consumption below twelve hundred calories should be carried out accompanied by doctor's supervision. Two, repetitively eating the same foods time and time again creates extreme boredom. Three, a diet program so confined can result in nutritional deficiencies, and ultimately, the "cookies" really don't taste like the freshly baked cookies of youth.

With regards to the strong points with the weight loss program, it works. It is also simple. There aren't a whole lot of elaborate rules that go together with it. Managing to eat based on the diet plan will produce weight loss for the majority of people. Many have found great success because of the simplicity of it.

In the last decade, numerous programs have taken the idea of the cookie diet and applied additional components like shakes and soups. Effectively, it has come into the modern era with just a little amount of variety. This diet program keeps its simplicity without being mind numbing.

In the final analysis, it is far from a bag of cookies with milk, nonetheless the diet plan gets results. Undoubtedly, it isn't a life long eating plan. Using the cookie diet will help eliminate the weight. All the same, for a really healthy cookie, which tastes like a real cookie, a honey oatmeal cookie would be a better option.

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