Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Health and Physical Fitness: What Are the Best Weight Loss Work Outs

If you want to live life to the fullest, then you should live your life as long as you can. You can only do so by staying healthy. The main causes of death nowadays are high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, and many types of cancer. Some of these are hereditary, meaning they have been acquired through genes, and are then unavoidable. However, some of these are not, meaning they have been triggered by outer factors, and can be prevented.

Eating healthy foods and doing regular exercise can prevent us from developing acute diseases. It is then important for us to be physically fit, and avoid malnourishment and obesity. If you feel as though you have gained weight because of lack of exercise or too much of junk foods, then it is the right time to be health and self-conscious. So what are the best weight loss work outs that will immediately make you fit in no time?

Work outs do not necessarily have to be strenuous. You can start by walking, riding a bicycle or jogging. The important point is that you will be able to create a calorie deficit, which means you are burning more calories than what you are taking in. If you continue to do exercises you cannot do regularly like weight lifting, then there will be no progress for you. Soon, you will find those exercises to be more than what you can handle, and you will definitely stop. Stopping is a big no-no or else you will earn and store unwanted calories again. And thus, you have to start doing exercises that you can do, and incrementally, push yourself to do an extra mile.

According to some studies, cardio exercises prove to be more effective than strength training. This is because you will be able to lose more calories in aerobics. To be able to lose enough calories using strength training, you must spend 60 to 90 minutes doing the weight lifting. This consumes a lot of time and energy, and you cannot possibly do this unless you are that serious and you love it that much. It is important to love what you do for you to do them regularly and for you to avoid boredom.
So what are the best weight loss work outs? They can be running, jogging, walking, bicycling,

swimming, jumping rope, and kickboxing. Walking, jogging and running are very good exercises because you do not need any special equipment for these. They work by increasing your heart rate, making you sweat intensely. For them to be more effective, you should try climbing up a hill because it is against the pull of gravity. Going against gravity will make you put more effort, and thus, burn more calories. Bicycling and kickboxing are good exercises for the legs because they make use of the power of your lower body. Both develop your endurance for heavy work outs while you burn out calories. Swimming and jumping rope are both full body exercises, so your upper and lower body will be both burning calories. You can try different moves in both of these; by doing so, you will get more parts of the body to work out.

If you go to the gym, you can try the treadmill, elliptical trainer, and step aerobics. So what are the best weight loss work outs? They are the exercises that you love to do and can do regularly.
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