Tuesday, September 25, 2012

When You Want To Learn About Tai Chi Lessons Toronto Has Places You Can Go

By Patrice McCoy

If you are searching for Tai Chi lessons Toronto is home to many places that offer them. These classes can provide a number of benefits. Several studies have been done pointing to its effectiveness for many conditions.

Tai Chi was originally created in ancient China as a kind of martial art. According to legend, an old Kung Fu master created the art when he could no longer use strength to fight but was still being challenged by young fighters. As with Aikido, Tai Chi uses the strength of the attacker against him.

While some classes these days still teach the martial part of the art, many are focused purely on its practice for health. The art has several styles but the Yang one is taught most often. Whichever you learn, your class will probably focus on teaching at least one form.

These types of forms are a set of movements, performed one after another in a slow and graceful manner. Although each of the individual movements is also a technique that can be used in a fight, they do not need to be taught in this way. They are also helpful for increasing agility, coordination and mental concentration.

More studies need to be done in this area but preliminary results suggest that this exercise form can help with anxiety and depression. It can assist in improving balance and flexibility. Blood pressure can be reduced, energy increased and a feeling of well-being enhanced. Among the conditions that appear to be helped include stroke sequelae, low bone density and Parkinson's disease.

Because the movements are so gentle, they can be performed by people of all ages and even by those people with some infirmity. There is no special equipment necessary and it can be done virtually anywhere with just a bit of space. This makes it quite easy to practice at home.

It has often been described as moving meditation, making it a great exercise for people who have trouble slowing down enough to meditate. While it may not be a replacement for meditation, it can be a good place to begin. Like meditation, many people find it useful in relieving stress.

It can take a few weeks or a few months to learn a form well enough that you can do it by yourself in its entirety, depending on which it is. This is great for really busy schedules as, eventually, you won't have to go to a class at all. However, you might find you get more from the experience of practicing with other people.

A lot of Tai Chi classes also include some breathing, or Qi Gong, exercises. These have been found to have some health benefits also. Once you learn the first form, there may be others taught or you could be taught more Qi Gong.

If you're interested in learning more about Tai Chi lessons Toronto has a lot of possibilities. The best method of finding out more is to go see a class and, even better, try one yourself. Try to find a teach that you will enjoy learning from as well as times and a location that are convenient.

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