Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dr Oz Green Drink Is Just One Of Many Amazing Juice Recipes

By Austin Crowl

Trying to lose weight and be healthy can be the toughest challenge you have ever faced. Think about it most people are busy and already over whelmed with their daily routines in life including work, kids, cooking and cleaning just to name a few. It is completely understandable but not taking care of yourself and your body and mind is not helping your congested busy life style. If your continuously busy and on the go and feel you don not have time to exercise or prepare a healthy meal or you might be someone who has a very open schedule and plenty of time either way you are going to love what I am sharing.

Stress can play a big part when trying to start a diet or taking care of yourself. Not only does stress cause waves of emotions but it also supports and can cause many other horrible diseases. Pay no attention to the shiny products thrown in your face claiming to help you lose all this weight in one day its just not happening and not the way to approach starting a healthy lifestyle. I will show you an easy holistic method to start your motivation process towards your health and so much more.

I am sure you heard of a detox diet before. A detox diet is a great method to eliminate nasty toxins in your body plus helps lose weight and motivate you to keep pushing. With just a couple of minutes a day you can start this whole amazing process and start feeling a difference quickly gaining more knowledge and focus on your end goal. Seeing is believing so once you see and feel your outcome from this cleanse you will definitely believe.

Although receiving a pay check from your job is essential for you to survive. Its may not be your happiest choice to wake up and go to work your butt off but you know you need to because you need to pay bills. Okay so what am I getting at? well if you know that as a result of working you will receive Money it is what keeps you going and in some cases maybe more money offered the harder you will work. Well if you start your body cleanse and see positive results most likely you know the hard work pays off and this will keep you motivated and determined to keep going. Of course there is much more knowledge and guidance needed when it comes to a body cleanse but if your looking to feel great and learn more then please continue on.

Thousands of people feel the same way about taking risk and not knowing the end result. But you have to control your mind and fight through those tough thoughts and start with simple and easy methods to a successful full mind and body transformation. This can be achieved by juicing everyday. That is right mixing green drinks just like the popular Dr Oz green drink shared by him and Oprah. These super juice drinks are packed with much needed minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that will help make you feel great, re energized and focused while dropping pounds and even pants sizes. A simple recipe such as juicing together 2apples- 2cucumbers-2 cup spinach-ginger root-1 cup parsley-a squeezed lime and lemon can be the start of a huge health burst in your life. Not so complex just a juicer, veggies and fruit and a few minutes a day make the difference.

These simple recipes can be turned into daily snacks that help boost the way you feel and promote healthy weight loss while helping clean out your system. Once you start within the first week or two you should feel a great difference and from that result it will motivate your body to incorporate this into your daily plans and it does not take much time plus it's all natural veggies and fruits you pick up from your local market not a so called miracle pill. With that said I hope this message will encourage you to make a difference and look deeper into my thoughts and I know once you get your hands on a juicer and put it to use you will not be let down. This is such a natural way to lose weight and feel absolutely amazing. Another quick tip is once you start juicing and making green drinks feel free to add a small scoop of organic protein to enhance this even further.

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