Friday, September 28, 2012

Top Mistake After The HCG Diet

By Dr. Danelle Romney

The hCG diet is not a miraculous protocol that guarantees successful long-term weight management. In fact, it is particularly easy to undermine your weight loss results by making a common mistake after doing this protocol. In fact, this is the worst possible thing you can do.

And this mistake is: Eating Wheat Products

That is correct. When you eat wheat or wheat-based foods, you hit your body with a dietary jolt that throws your metabolism out of whack. This jolt comes from the darling of so many dietitians, the so-called complex carbs. Note that all this means is that the carbs in wheat starch are put together into a chain of glucose molecules

Of course, conventional dietary advice is to consume such complex carbohydrates as wheat starch at every meal, especially when we reduce the amount of sugar (sucrose) or other simple carbs that we eat with it. (By the way, in case you don't yet know, one molecule of sucrose is comprised on just two simple sugars - one each of glucose and fructose.)

Wheat starch is a problem, though. It consists of glucose molecules that are arranged into a particular fashion that makes up what is called amylopectin A. This type of amylopectin, unfortunately, is far easier to digest than any other form of this type complex carbohydrate. The result is that glucose from amylopectin A reaches your bloodstream faster than it does from any other starchy foods such as potatoes, beans, or bananas.

Indeed, even whole wheat bread boosts your blood sugar (glucose) faster than does sucrose itself. When you have a sandwich made with whole wheat bread, it is no different (and usually worse) than drinking eating a sugary candy bar or drinking a sugary soda.

You certainly already know about the negative impact of sugary foods for adding unwanted pounds of fat to your body once you finish the hCG diet protocol. Now add wheat and wheat-based products to the list, because they cause exactly the same unwanted weight gain. Indeed, these kinds of foods are probably responsible for getting you into the situation where you wanted to do the hCG diet in the first place. Stay on track with your target weight now by avoiding all wheat products, regardless of whether they are refined or whole-grain. This includes such foods as breads, breakfast cereals, bagels, pastas, pastries, cookies, crackers, and anything else you find that contains wheat flour or wheat grains.

There is just one more thing that I want to point out about wheat starch that makes it the worst food that you can consume for weight management. It causes such a huge surge in blood sugar and insulin that it leads to a 2-hour roller coaster ride of fullness and hunger, which continues all day long. It starts with the first hunger pangs about two hours after a typical breakfast of cereal or toast or bagel, which drives desire for snacking on other lousy foods containing wheat, which drives hunger up in another two hours, which demands even more snacking, and on and on throughout the day. This is a horrible way to maintain any target weight.

Consuming wheat, in any form, is the main cause of repeated cycles of high blood sugar, which leads to storing more fat. It is, indeed, the worst mistake that most people make once they finish the hCG diet.

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