Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Look at Facts and Myths of Health and Fitness

By Simon Keller

We've all learned things about information that turns out not to be true, health and fitness facts and myths are no different really. Myths often occur when the person doesn't get the whole tip before sharing with someone else on and on and on it goes truthful or not it's still a rumor. Maybe they even didn't hear it right. But they innocently tell something they know, and another myth is born, again. There is a very high likelihood that you will accept what you hear if the person you are hearing it from is in a position that makes them more likely to know for sure or one of power even. The lies you might hear can cause you physical pain if you don't have all of the details or the tip you get is wrong altogether. You'll want to continue reading this article for more facts on health and fitness myths.

Another myth is that using an ab machine and doing crunches will help rid you of the fat in your midsection; it is amazing what people will say to get you to try something. Belly fat can be vaporized with some whiz bang ab dissolver thing. Belly fat equals body fat. Once you lose enough fat you will see your ab muscles.

Basically, for best benefit go by the old saying no pain no gain. Dangerously incorrect is what that statement really is. In addition, there is very real potential for inflicting serious bodily damage by living that particular motto. The pain of a good workout should not inhibit your other activities. If you experience pain after a workout that doesn't go away or only appears to be getting worse, stop doing the activity. An injury can only get worse if you don't stop. Mental horsepower is only one benefit of fitness exercises. What this means for you is that your brain will become more powerful and will operate with the highest level of performance possible.

Circulation is another benefit of having a regular spinning bike exercises. This is also good for the brain, you will also notice increased serotonin levels in the brain. Mental acuity is a proven benefit of increased serotonin levels in the brain. There are many benefits to improved mental acuity.

It is extremely important to sort out the truth from the fiction about health and fitness, especially if you're totally new to working out. You can see how this is important as you are in the early stages of forming good fitness habits. If you cultivate the wrong habits now, you're setting yourself up for a painful process of re-education later. Sticking with a fitness routine and succeeding require you to form good habits from the start.

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