Saturday, September 29, 2012

Want to Lose Weight? Incorporate These 3 Superfoods in Your Diet

By Shemika Hinde

There is no shortage of weight loss products on the market these days. Perhaps you've tried some of these weight loss products without any success. Today, we'll share with you information on how superfoods can help you shed pounds. It's more than possible to shed unwanted pounds using natural foods and exercise. It's important, though, that you familiarize yourself with the properties in superfoods that aid in weight loss.

You need to be careful about what you read and believe with nuts, and there are many different kinds. One fact about nuts you'll often read or hear about is their high fat content, which makes them not ideal for weight loss. It is true that some nuts have undesirable fats in them, but that's not the case with all nuts. As a matter of fact, the healthy nut varieties have healthy fats in them as well as fiber and other nutrients. Your fat loss diet can include nuts. However, make sure that you eat nuts sensibly. A sensible amount is approximately an ounce of nuts daily. Nuts are filling food and they're excellent as snacks.

It was found in one study that eating non-fat yogurt caused nearly 25% more weight loss than not eating yogurt. What's great is that after three months of consuming non-fat yogurt, the yogurt eaters lost about 60% more fat while still retaining muscle mass. According to the researchers, the primary reason for this is the high bio-assimilable levels of calcium in yogurt. You'll find yogurts with the probiotic label. This means probiotic bacteria, the good guys, have been added to the yogurt. Nuratrim will be a good companion for those who want to control their appetite on top of eating all these superfoods.

One of the more unpleasant facts about eating a poor diet and failing to exercise is you begin storing excess waste in your intestines. Don't think that's significant? Did you know that when Elvis Presley's body was autopsied, they found more than 45 pounds of accumulated waste in his large intestines. To prevent the build-up of waste in the body, you'll want to eat lots of fiber and one superfood that's loaded with fiber is kiwi. In addition to that, this fruit is a packed with nutrients and more than just about any other fruit. Prebiotic factors are also present in kiwi in high concentrations. What are prebiotics? These are substances that the body is unable to digest but serve as food for the good bacteria in the digestive tract. If you incorporate kiwi in your diet, you'll find that your bowel movements become regular and waste won't build up in your intestines.

If you want a powerful superfood that also helps you lose weight, then eat more berries. When it comes to nutrient densities, not all berries are the same; some are nutrient dense than others. In any case, they're all healthy for you and they're delicious as well. Berries are rich in antioxidants and other phytonutrients and will provide a level of prebiotic factors for probiotic growth. If you have a sweet tooth, berries will help with that because they've got natural sugars. Phenols, which are antioxidant compounds, are found in abundance in berries. They kill the free radicals and also the bad bacteria in the gut that compete with the good bacteria. When you make berries a regular part of your diet, you'll be able to lose weight because they support healthy digestion and waste elimination.

If you've tried fad diets in an effort to lose weight, you know first hand they don't work. It's time to look into what nature has to offer. You'll find that there are superfoods that are fat burners and even fight unhealthy cells and bacteria. With superfoods, you can have a healthy diet that not only will help you lose weight but restore your natural vigor as well.

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