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Multiple Sclerosis and Social Security Benefits
While our disability law practice requires that we learn about many different medical conditions, few are more debilitating and hard to understand than multiple sclerosis, or MS. MS is an illness of the brain and spinal cord that results in many different symptoms of wildly differing degrees of severity. Furthermore, it is a progressive disease that often worsens over time, sometimes never intensifies at all, but never gets any better.
Early Symptoms of MS - What to Look Out For
Multiple sclerosis can present very differently in each person so the early symptoms of MS reported can differ considerably from person to person. Many persons report that symptoms can also be varied in terms of severity with some people experiencing mild symptoms whilst others experience more severe symptoms.
Is MS Hereditary? Important Factors to Consider
Multiple sclerosis destroys the myelin sheath on the nerves. This eventually impacts on many areas in the body including the nervous system, muscles, bowels and bladder, eyes, speech and sex organs. So how do you develop MS? Is MS hereditary? Do some people have a higher risk of developing MS than others?
Multiple Sclerosis Misdiagnosis - Why This Happens?
Multiple sclerosis has a range of symptoms that are similar to a number of other illnesses including autoimmune, infectious, vascular and other diseases. This can increase the likelihood of misdiagnosis so it is imperative that you are sure your diagnosis of MS or one of the other illnesses that can mimic MS is correct.
MS Symptoms in Women - 3 Frequently Asked Questions
There are twice as many women as men diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It is therefore not surprising that many questions asked by women, their families and partners alike are about MS symptoms and women.
Exercise for Multiple Sclerosis
Being diagnosed with MS does not automatically label someone as disabled. In fact, a diagnosis validates the use of exercise even more. No matter what the symptoms or side effects from drugs used to treat the symptoms of MS, there is always a form of exercise that can be helpful to stay as healthy and fit as possible.
Sugars in Breast Milk Help Nursing Mothers With Multiple Sclerosis
Studies have shown for years that Royal Sugars, or what I call, "Smart Sugars," are beneficial when fed to new born babies. These sugars improve the child's mental and mobility skills for the rest of their lives. These specific sugars are provided by nature in human mother's breast milk.

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