Wednesday, September 12, 2012

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The Smoking Ban and the Secondhand Life
Each individual has a right to be enjoying a first-hand life, not a residue of an arrogant smoker. The smoking ban is great, but it's only a part of the equation. People's pardigm has to shift. And it starts with each one of us.
Some Tips to Quit Smoking
Millions of smokers all over the world die because of a smoking related death. If you really want to quit smoking, Champix can help you.
Top 5 Secrets Tobacco Companies DO NOT Want You to Know
In 1998, over 6 million documents which were considered 'top' secret of the largest tobacco companies in the US were revealed to the public. These documents consisted of research, faxes, memos, scientist notes, letters, etc. In 2002, the World Health Organization (WHO) published the very first edition of these documents compiled to bring more light to the public about cigarettes. And these documents confirm that tobacco manufacturers have been deceiving the public for a long time.
How Bad Are Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms?
One of my first, futile attempts at quitting smoking came to a sudden end when I recklessly pulled my car out into heavy traffic, almost causing a pile-up. But what had really driven me into such a state? Are nicotine withdrawal symptoms truly that powerful?
5 Ways Smoking Zaps Your Energy and Stamina Levels
If you want to be successful as an athlete, you should forget all about smoking. Smoking is the number one factor that affects one's performance in sports, particularly those that necessitate high levels of energy and stamina.
The One Tax That No One Can Possibly Avoid: The Smoking Tax On Smokers' Work
You out there are either a boss or a 'bosse'-you either have folks under you or you are one of the working folks underneath. In any case, if you smoke some, and you do it at work either in the office or out of it- either in the workplace or outside it-either inside your truck or vehicle or outside it.
What Smoker Type Are You?
Here are the six types of smokers that I believe exist based on their attitude to smoking. If you are a smoker, which group do you belong to? Identifying this may help you realize that the best thing is to get away from these groups and become a happy nonsmoker.

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