Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fitness Myths - Get to Know the Truths Behind 5 Exercise Fallacies!

True, we are more or less health conscious. But a recent study found that most people are stuck with some common myths about fitness and exercises. We're here to show you the light... enjoy!
Working up with weights will bulk up most women
Women who're in the sport of weight lifting can and usually get massive muscles. But for other women, it's only a myth and this keeps them from working out with weights. In fact, men have higher testosterone levels that increase their muscles all through the body. This makes them get muscle bulk. But when it comes to women, they've got very low levels of and higher chunk of fat. Fortunately, they have comparatively lesser muscle to bulkily build. So weight training with women is likely to produce stronger muscles capable of taking more stresses in life and it won't get them bulky.

Running is the best fitness option
Face it! There's no such things as 'one and universal best way' for staying fit. It makes more sense working out any exercise that you are comfortable with - providing you are doing it in the right way. Doing things right may guarantee your fitness - not any particular workout.

Drinking water is absolute NO-NO while exercising
Here's another exercise myth. Don't wait till you get thirsty! When you feel your body is getting dehydrated, drink water immediately but slowly. For those who work out at the daybreak, drinking one glass of fresh water (before getting started) could help.

No pain, no gain
Unfortunately, this is among the most common fallacies about fitness. People think that if they're not feeling the pain, things are not happening. Amazingly, according to veteran fitness professionals, your workout shouldn't ever hurt. Whenever you feel any pain, you're supposed to stop working out. Pain is the signal from your body telling you something is going wrong. Moreover, if you don't enjoy exercising, you'll end up getting bored and quit anyway. You don't want that, right?

Those who workout regularly can eat anything they want
Wrong again! If you're working out intensity and continue to eat whatever you wish, you might end up injuring your body through overly intense exercises. Even worse, when people can't get the results they want, they keep eating even worse kind of junk foods out of frustration. The best way to stay fit is to stick to a healthy diet. For instance, rather than eating voraciously 3 times a day, you can eat smaller meals 5 or even 6 times a day. And try to stay with a diet plan that includes protein, fruits, fresh vegetables, minimum carbohydrates, and lots of fresh water.
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