Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10 Weight Loss Tips To Lose Fat Forever

By James Watt

My weight loss tips for losing fat and staying slim forever.

You must start by changing the way you think about food and the habits that you have formed regarding eating. You must realise that you cannot eat junk food and lose body fat. You must make the commitment in your mind before you start to eat like a thin person.

Slim people graze when they eat which means you must eat smaller meals more often, this stops you feeling hungry and keeps your metabolism high throughout the day.

Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full, don't over eat as this will give you too many calories and make you gain weight. So the rule is simple think before you eat, ask yourself am i really hungry.

I feel hungry or am i. Your brain receives a signal when you are hungry and it also receives a signal when you are thirsty but the problem lies in the fact that these signals are almost identical. So how do you know which signal is which? Well you don't so the best way to find out is if you feel hungry then drink a glass of water and then wait for a short time and see if you still have a feeling of hunger, if you do then eat.

Thin people eat natural food so only eat foods from natural sources. Eat wholegrains, lean meats and fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds and pulses. These foods provide your body with all the nutrients it needs and help keep you feeling fuller for longer. While keeping your blood sugar stable.

I'm afraid sugar is a big no no, don't eat refined sugar as found in sweets and cookies as this will cause your blood sugar to rise sharply. To compensate your body will release insulin to bring your blood sugar back to normal which as a result will store the excess sugar from your blood as fat and you will feel hungry soon after.

Look out for the hidden sugars in products like bread and pasta. Anything that is made with white flour will spike your blood sugar just like sweets or cookies. Be carefully of disguised white flour in brown bread which is just white flour dyed brown to make it appear healthy. The best option is to read the labels and look for the words wholemeal or wholegrain.

Start moving regularly, either walking, running or getting on your bike will help you lose the excess weight and keep it off, but what really counts is that you enjoy what your doing. This means you are more likely to stick to it.

Start working out and gain some muscle, this with help you with your fat loss by increasing your metabolism and helping you burn extra calories whilst you are going about your day.

Be prepared for hunger by carrying healthy snacks such as a handful of nuts or some fruit with you so you wont get tempted with the junk food that surrounds you. Also write a food diary to keep track of what you are eating and only weigh yourself once a week. If you start weight training don't worry if you gain weight at first as muscle weighs more than fat.

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