Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Truths and Lies About Health and Fitness

By Roosevelt Vick

Imagine your frustration if you discovered you'd been performing your exercises wrong for years. Think of the person injured while performing an exercise incorrectly because of bad information. These real considerations happen all the time. This is why it is so important to make sure your information is coming from experts or credible sources. Your health depends on it and bad information is rampant. The world of health and fitness are no different so here's some solid information for you.

You've probably heard that swimming is good for losing weight. We are here to burst that bubble, it's not the truth. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise that will afford you many benefits, no doubt about that. But shedding pounds is not one of them. The buoyancy of the water supporting your body is the reason this is true, your body isn't working hard enough to benefit weight loss.

The only way to really benefit is to work your muscles until they are sore but not painful. Don't believe it, you don't need to hurt to lose weight. There are many big differences between gaining aerobic benefit and working with serious pain. If you experience pain after a workout that doesn't go away or only appears to be getting worse, stop doing the activity. You will only cause yourself more complications by continuing an exercise that is causing you pain.

At the end of the day it is expected that you will be tired but you should try to get some exercise done and you will feel better. Your body does have a natural circadian cycle, which we have to call people on. If you are working out early in the morning and your body is telling you it is too early just give it some time to adjust. Your mind is the one that is tired and resistant, but once you break through your resistance and do some exercise after work your body will have more energy. It is your mind that is tired and resistant.

The reality is you don't have to go far to hear some health and fitness advice that is either truth or something else. If you are not sure about the information you hearing you should get some credible information.

Furthermore, by utilizing some sort of gym equipment like a Foam Roller within your fitness regimen, it can help boost your exercises easier as well as it can ensure you a healthier exercise in a rapid way. As long as you keep learning, you will naturally move into other areas. What matters most is that you exercise at least a few times every week to help relieve back pain.

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