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What Treatment Can You Receive From A Concord Chiropractor Nc Clinic

By Bertha Sanders

Chiropractic care is able to address many health problems, which are related to pain and numbness. Numbness manifests as a sensation of loss of feelings and it may be experienced in hands, feet, arms and legs. A concord chiropractor nc clinic will help in treating pinched nerve and realignments that may cause numbness in limbs and other parts of your body. This form of treatment offers non addictive and non invasive therapies that can help alleviate symptoms of numerous health conditions in your body including pain and numbness.

There are different causes of numbness and include underactive thyroid, multiple sclerosis and stress. In addition, pain may also be caused by poor circulation or lack of blood supply to extremities of the body like hands and feet. The poor circulation may be due to plaque buildup in blood vessels.

When there are infections around the spinal cord or spinal nerve root, this may cause inflammation. This swelling creates pressure on nerve root and spine cord from vertebrae or the disc. A chiropractor uses mechanical therapy like massage to alleviate the pressure, which is causing inflammation while limiting the use of anti-inflammation drugs, which mask the pain.

A chiropractic doctor works on your body and depending on cause of numbness, you will get appropriate treatment. The doctor releases pressure which is exerted on muscles and other body parts thus enhancing movement of these parts. Chiropractors take care of bones, muscles, nerves and connective tissues of your body.

Numbness in legs could occur when an individual seats or remains in standing position for a long time. Although leg numbness may not be life threatening, it can cause a lot of discomfort and prevent one from carrying along with duties normally. If you experience persistent numbness, then it is essential that you consult a chiropractic doctor to examine the conditions and offer treatment.

When you have ankle injury such as sprain, the ligaments may be torn and this produces swelling and bruising. It may take several weeks to recover from this kind of injury though the ligaments may not repair satisfactorily. These ligaments may develop scar tissue, which is non elastic. This can result to discomfort and pain when you roll over the ankle again and sprain it.

Other symptoms which are alleviated are electrical shocks and pulsations. Patients with tingling, pins and needles feelings in their arms, feet, legs and hands may also receive treatment. When you have pain and numbness down the legs, it may be caused by a condition known as sciatic radiculitis. If pain is experienced down shoulders and arms, this may be as a result of a condition referred to as cervical radiculitis.

Mechanical strain on your knees eliminates the extreme pain, which is associated with arthritis. In summary, a concord chiropractor nc clinic will help treat pain as well as numbness, which occur in different parts of the body like arms, legs, feet and hands. Every condition is addressed depending on the underlying cause and this gives a good treatment that alleviates the symptoms fast and will less medication risks.

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