Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Information On How Proactol Plus Helps You Lose Weight

By Kirsten Lee

Many people are daunted to take diet pills that increase the metabolism. Unfavorable side effects are commonly experienced, such as nausea, lightheadedness, palpitation, and increased blood pressure as well as heart rate. Proactol Plus is nothing like all of these supplements because it promotes weight loss in an entirely different approach.

It contains no caffeine or other substances that work as fat burners. What the product does is keep fat cells from being absorbed by your body, so there's no need to burn anything. Such effect is obtained with the help of an ingredient from Prickly Pear. The substance extracted from the cactus plant has been patented and called "NeOptunia" by the manufacturer.

This main ingredient is actually a fiber complex. It is made up of non-soluble as well as soluble type of fiber. Working together, they help promote weight loss by decreasing fat assimilation and the appetite in a natural way. There are no known side effects because NeOptunia is plant based. For many, this product is more appealing than rivals out there.

The non-soluble fiber part of NeOptunia is the one responsible from blocking fat. Upon contact, a gel-like substance is formed around the fat cell, making it too large to be absorbed into the blood stream. In this form, the body eliminates unwanted fat naturally. Essential nutrients in the food you eat are still absorbed. The supplement only target fat cells.

In contrast, the soluble component of NeOptunia helps in suppressing the appetite naturally. It decelerates the movement of food particles along the digestive tract so the individual won't feel hungry as often as usual. Also, the release of sugar into the bloodstream can be effectively regulated. Losing weight involves lesser intake and more expenditure of calories.

Scientific investigations have revealed that as much as 27% of fat content in food can be bound and eliminated. No recommended dosage is stated by the manufacturer, which means your intake depends on the fat content of your meals. It is safe for use by adults, especially that the supplement can also reduce the level of bad LDL cholesterol in the blood.

Proactol Plus is recommendable for people who don't like to resort to chemicals that can produce unfavorable side effects. It reduces the amount of fat absorbed by the body, as well as naturally suppresses the appetite. However, when planning on using supplements, it's always a good idea to tell your physician about it especially if you are taking prescription drugs.

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