Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Why Exercise is Not Just for the Able Bodied

By Joseph D. Cooper

About 12 years ago now my father suffered a round of medical procedures that left him unable to move and function as he normally had been accustomed to. To go from an active person to a person with limited mobility is hard enough but to now become dependent upon others to care for you was a bit too hard to swallow. In response my father began working out.

You can imagine that a man whose is unable to rise from his chair without assistance is certainly not out running a marathon. He was however willing to start by doing even the smallest bit of exercise. If you know of anyone who has had their health challenged and perhaps desires to shape up but can't make it to the gym, share with them these 3 reasons everyone should exercise.

Change Your Life By Changing Your Body

Our feelings are what lead is us in most respects. This is why the proper position is important because it can help us to feel good. Doing things differently requires you to feel different. Understandably my dad felt depressed and weak after his medical procedures but when he took control of his health it was clear to the rest of us how the life returned to his face.

Muscle Activity is Key

Some exercises are not only good for building up muscle or training for a marathon. Anyone who desires to be healthy needs to exercise. The whole objective is to wake up all the muscles and develop a great body. My dad was able to see an improvement when walking to another room didn't leave him feeling tired because he had managed to increase his cardiovascular fitness. How did he do this? Well, while watching TV he would wait for a commercial. When one came on he would curl a can of soup until it ended. That was all.

Exercises for All

Even those of us with limited mobility can still get exercise. Whether medical issues or a job that requires you to be seated most of the time are the reasons for immobility, increasing fitness, health and bone strength is possible when you follow a program like "Sit and Be Fit". This excellent show is broadcast nationally and will be of great benefit to you.

Do not neglect your ability to move and your health. Find and follow a diet and exercise regimen whether you are at home or at the office.

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