Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lose Fat By Avoiding These Fitness Myths and Mistakes

By Gregory Nunan

When it comes to fitness myths and exercise faults, there are a few of each that seem to pop up with consistency. Let us deal with some of them now:

Health and fitness misconception #1: To burn excessive fat, you have to lift little weights and carry out higher reps. That is a myth! Among the substantial secrets of weight management is to stimulate your muscles and boost your metabolic processes. Heavy weights achieve considerably more muscle stimulus than lighter weight loads thereby develop a greater upwards change in your metabolic process thus far better fat reduction.

Fitness misconception #2: Muscle converts to body fat if it's not utilised. That is among the historical typical fitness myths! Seriously, how possibly could muscle mass magically change into fat? Sure, when you stop working out you might put on some fat whilst your muscle tissue might reduce. However, the muscle will not just morph into extra fat.

Health and fitness myth #3: When attempting to lose weight using cardio, you need to do prolonged duration cardiovascular exercise at lower intensity. Yet again, it is wrong. While it's correct to suggest that physical exercise at lower intensities will use up a high number of calories that will be derived from stored body fat, the overall calories expended and therefore higher over-all weight-loss gain, will come through doing higher intensity training.

Workout mistake #1 is poor technique. Maybe you have seen that the individuals with the finest shape inside the weights area aren't normally the people lifting the most heavy weight? It's because these people recognize that taking your muscle through the correct range of motion by way of excellent technique, despite a lighter weight, will almost certainly deliver the best benefits overall. There is very little point working out with a whopping weight if you are not switching on your muscles in the right way.

Exercise error #2 is performing a repetitive training program. The body is wise and will rapidly get used to repetitive training and burn a lesser number of energy per training session. The big secret to getting wonderful training outcomes is to change your program regularly. Training like this will always challenge your body, force it to utilize even more calories and trigger higher conditioning gains over-all.

Exercise mistake #3 is looking to lose weight through exercise without paying focus to eating habits. Some fitness industry experts propose that fat reduction is 70% diet and 30% physical exercise. You must be careful about your diet so that you are restricting the number of calories that you take in, but additionally to make certain it has the correct minerals and vitamins to function optimally.

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