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Doomsday Preppers: The Strategy of Megan Hurwitt

By Terrance Franklin

After doing some research I found out that Megan was misrepresented rather substantially by the producers of Doomsday Preppers. She's definitely a normal girl who preps on the side like you or I, but the editors took liberties with some of the more extreme things she said in passing. Instead of derailing this write-up I'm going to save every argument for the section it's covered in.

1. Oil crisis

Based on the interview with Megan after the show, an oil crisis was one of the many scenarios she was getting ready for, with the others considered too boring for television. While the idea of a thorough embargo is fairly far fetched, there is surely lots of reason behind being worried regarding oil.

No matter whether OPEC countries prefer us to have it or not, the provision of oil in the earth is limited. Peak oil was a theory put out by one of the major geologists of the 20th century, M. King Hubbert. His work with statistical models is still used today to estimate the oil production of a particular geographical location. Hubbert himself was able to forecast the peak of US oil production (in the mid 70s) as earlier as 1956.

The theory of peak oil extrapolates this sort of evaluation to the earth as a whole. Numbers differ on once the peak will be attained (if it has not already) however regardless of when it happens we are in trouble due to simple economics. With rising demand for oil and decreasing supply, access to oil becomes a lot more difficult. This includes all aspects of international business, transport and manufacture of plastic items and may cause the havoc National Geographic was aiming to show as absurd.

2. Crazy people and city prepping

Megan brings up an excellent point when she talks about how society will fall after supplies become depleted, that can essentially be in 3 days. This has been observed before fairly near to home with the state of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina - good people and American citizens turning to looting and damage in distressed times. How good you believe your neighbors are goes out the window whenever their children are feeling hungry.

Even though she had the room to stockpile supplies, she does not have ways to defend herself in a city with thousands and thousands of starving mouths. This is the truth for most of us who reside in cities (myself included). It might be better to concentrate on bugging out compared to pantry prepping in the conventional sense

3. Training the body

In line with her bug out driven survival plan, Megan is sensibly going through physical preparation. I like the fact that she does body weight and calisthenics based training instead of exercising in a health club. Mobility is the name of the game and almost nothing will build that speedier than moving one;s own body.

Another good practice (particularly for her) would be rucking. For anybody not familiar with this is actually marching with a jam-packed back pack, very common in the military. Meg was having trouble with strength when she tested her bug out however this would have helped her out.

6. Raw fish and vitamins

Megan has an eye out for vitamins when she chooses eating uncooked fish instead of cooking it. There is a whole nutritional motion around this referred to as raw foodism that is based on the health advantages of eating like this. However, in a true survival scenario I feel the danger outweigh the advantages. The loss of vitamins due to cooking is partial, however getting a food borne illness, specially while bugging out, can be potentially deadly.

7. Shooting full beer cans

If there is one thing which made me turn my head above anything else in this show, it was the shot of Megan shooting full beer cans. I've seen some ridiculous things in my day however watching a Texan waste beer like that is too much to bear.

8. Ounces and not pounds

My favorite quotation of the series up to now has to be Megan talking about ounces and not pounds regarding bugging out. With a strategy such as this, urban preppers have to take attention on reducing the amount of products they have. While homesteaders and pantry preppers are focused on volume, urban and bug out preppers have to concentrate on economy in packing. As we can see with Megan's level of energy during her dry run, despite extensive conditioning there is a severe problem in bugging out. You'd better imagine that every ounce counts when you are intending to get from dodge.

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