Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Important Information Regarding Green Tea And Black Tea

By Mark Miller

Black and green tea originate from the exactly the same source. Despite that the colors are different; both are obtained from a plant named camellia sinensis. Teas are referred to as one of the healthiest drinks and both black and green teas are beneficial to health. How are they similar and even more importantly which one has more health rewards than the other?

Since tea is a beverage, we are going to examine the two teas from a taste viewpoint. Which tea is tastier is a personal preference; in spite of this green tea has more of a bitter flavor than black tea. Black tea features a richer flavor than green tea. For these reasons, many beginner drinkers choose black tea over green tea. Even so knowing that tea is a healthy beverage, flavor might not be the main priority.

Even prior to tasting the drink, color distinguishes the two teas. The colors are different due to the tea processing. Both teas go through similar processing other than the oxidation process. Green tea's preliminary drying operation is a brief procedure of steaming or panning which lessens oxidation. On the other hand, black tea undergoes an extensive oxidation procedure which takes up to 3 hours. This process is the reason why flavor is richer and the color is darker. So what does that really mean in relation to health benefits?

The leaves of camellia sinensis are naturally green similar to any other plant. When talking about food, one that is more processed often sheds more of its organic ingredients. The very same logic also applies to tea. Keeping the color green indicates it will have a lot more of catechins.

Catechins are the active compound obtained from the tea leaves. They are responsible for health benefits such as weight loss, bad cholesterol, cancer prevention and heart disease. Scientific experiments have shown that a cup of green tea possesses eight times more catechins compared to black tea. Theoretically, you'll have to drink eight more glasses of black tea than green tea to gain the same quality of benefits.

You can find results of numerous experiments on the health benefits associated with black tea. Some experiments have been successful against cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes. This proves the therapeutic ability of camellia sinensis. Regardless of what type of process it applies, the tea leaves will still be good for human body. Yet it seems sensible to take in the tea which contains more of the active substance. So why don't you start including green tea to your diet.

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