Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finding The Safest And Healthiest Energy Vitamins For Women

By Anita Combs

It's difficult to achieve a complete balance of the correct nutrients in a world in which food products are preserved, frozen and covered in pesticides. Supplements can do a great deal to improve one's vitality, concentration and health. When choosing energy vitamins for women, it's important to be wary of herbal additions that can pose a danger.

Vitamin B complex may well be the most powerful formula for achieving a more energetic mind and body. Foods that contain it include brewers yeast, tuna and turkey but it can also be swallowed in tablet form or be injected. It has powerful effects on brain power and is used by doctors on patients with neurotoxicity and ADD.

B complex helps the body to transform food into energy. Vitamin B 12 is one of the nutrients the body needs to make red blood cells that move oxygen around the body. Injected forms are often more concentrated and have effects far sooner. Doctors often prescribe it to patients who are recovering from serious illnesses as it helps them to perform daily functions more easily.

Natural supplements bound with organic substances are easier to absorb. Synthetic ones such as magnesium stearate are hard to absorb and digest. Sometimes, the body ejects the binders before they have been digested, leaving the nutrients inside them unused. Fluid supplements are easy to absorb and tablets are the hardest of all forms to digest.

Iron, like B 12, helps in producing blood cells that send oxygen around the body, which affects one's levels of vitality. Those who are iron deficient can contract anemia which has the symptom of fatigue. They will achieve the most drastic results from supplementation but healthy females need 18 mg a day. Pregnancy requires an iron increase but all should speak to a doctor before supplementing because iron overdosage can occur.

Magnesium helps the body to manufacture and use the nutrients needed to create a more energetic mind and body. Almost all nutrients need other nutrients to help with their absorption, so it's important to add them to supplementation. Vitamin C is important for the absorption of both B complex and iron so all three should be taken simultaneously.

Supplements aimed at mending tiredness sometimes contain added herbs that pose risks for many people. Always read the ingredients, taking note of ephedra, ephedrine or ma huang. All of these can bring on seizures in epilepsy patients, worsen cardiac symptoms for those with heart problems and cause a rise in blood pressure. Energy vitamins for women can sometimes contain ginseng, which should be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

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