Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Getting Sports Injury Treatment To Facilitate Healing

By Bjorn O'connor

No one wants to face the necessity of needing sports injury treatment. However, engaging in games means the danger of suffering an accident. Repeated movements and pounding repeatedly can cause problems that can be quite painful. Often, one must consult sports doctors for relief. Self-treating is possible, and can be tried, but if pain is not alleviated, it is important to consult a professional.

Sports medicine professionals are required for some conditions. They vary by degree and severity of pain, but that is not always an indicator of how bad the injury is. These conditions include sprains and strains, tendinitis, and bone fractures. If a joint is unable to be moved, if a person cannot bear weight on a limb, or if numbness or tingling are present, the services of a professional should be obtained immediately.

Acute conditions happen suddenly during the activity. It is characterized by sudden, excruciating pain, and usually swelling and discoloration. The injured part should be immediately immobilized, and attention sought from a professional. Acute injuries that prevent movement or weight bearing must definitely be addressed immediately by a medical professional.

With chronic conditions, the pain usually develops over time and is not as intense as acute ones. They are normally the result of repeated overuse of a part of the body. Acute injuries sometimes develop into a chronic one.

Following certain techniques will help prevent getting injured. These include using the proper equipment, wearing appropriate clothing and shoes, and being aware of procedures in performance that will lessen the chance of damage. Alternate the groups of muscles that are being worked, don't do too much too fast, and be careful to warm up and train in the proper way to avoid damaging muscles under stress.

In the vent an accident does happen, there are first aid actions that can be followed. Remembering the acronym for rest, ice, compression, and elevations - RICE - will help you understand what need to be done. Icing should be done for twenty minutes, then rest twenty minutes. Repeat this four or five times until relief is felt.

It is important to understand when to consult a physician and when to self-treat. If there is obvious signs of a broken bone, or if there is significant swelling and pain, immediate seek medical care. Even if the mishap seems to be only a strain or sprain, if, after two weeks with little or no improvement, visit a doctor to get things checked out. For a couple of weeks, NSAIDs can be used, but should not be used for longer without approval of the physician.

An individual should reenter the game or exercise program very slowly after completing sports injury treatment. The damaged part of the body will be tender and susceptible to being injured again. Where blood supply is low, healing may take a very long time. A new injury in this tender area may be even worse than the initial one, and may take even longer to completely heal.

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