Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Losing Weight With The Help of These 3 Superfoods

By Brock Helfin

When it comes to superfoods, one of the things known about them is that they they can help you get to a healthy weight. Science has only begun catching up with nature, and it's largely through research and study. All throughout the ages, people knew what was good for you and passed that knowledge down through generations. You can lose weight and have a fit and healthy body as well with the help of plant superfoods.

We've talked about yogurt before as a superfood that's wonderful to eat if you want to lose weight and we want to talk a bit more about it here. There's a much older form of yogurt that has roots in Russia many centuries ago. It's called Kefir, and while it's not a well-known kind of yogurt, it is actually one of the healthiest around. If you've never had Kefir before, it's very different from the yogurt you're familiar with. Kefir is a yogurt drink whose consistency is different from the yogurt in the West. You'll get many of the nutrients you need from this yogurt liquid, including probiotics, minerals, and vitamins.

Make it a point to eat whole grain foods, including whole grain breads and cereals. Interestingly enough, women who ate whole grains weight less in general than women who ate processed grains. Also, the whole grain eating women tended to maintain a healthy weight for long periods. This what a Harvard School of Public Health study discovered. You'll want to consume whole grains because they're so much healthier than processed grains. In addition, they contain prebiotic factors which are crucial in keeping your the gut bacteria population healthy and strong. Plus, eating whole grains will stay with you longer, and this helps to maintain the full feeling. Raspberry ketone can be taken after the whole grains to help you burn more fat from your diet.

Go for colorful berries and bright, leafy veggie foods. While these may seem like strangely different foods, their colorful natures are an indication of the rich array of nutrients contained. The pigment combinations found in these foods are the results of antioxidants such as carotenoids and phenols. Antioxidants go to the heart of health, helping you manage your weight indirectly. For example, antioxidants are crucial for the control of bacterial balance in your gut. You need not look far to find products advertised as metabolism boosting, yet these products are artificial in nature. There is no metabolic substitute for a clean gut that regularly processes these healthy foods.

A good example of using superfoods for weight loss and general good health is the Paleo diet. There are other diets out there but the Paleo diet seems to be a good fit because of it premise. Just imagine our ancestors from thousands of years ago subsisting mostly on a plant-based diet. You could do what our early ancestors did and consume plant superfoods for weight loss.

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