Friday, October 5, 2012

The Side Effects Of Bee Pollen Diet Pills

By Doris Rivas

Bee pollen has been used for centuries to treat quite a number of different ailments. These include allergies, stomach ailments, asthma and even alcoholism. Besides treating different health conditions, it is also known to be great energy booster. Further research and development over the years has led to the production of Bee Pollen Diet pills.

These pills can also be used to in battling weight problems. They manage to do so by reducing the craving for food and lowering the appetite levels. These diet supplements prompt the body to produce its own natural energy and eliminating the desire for high energy foods like junk food. It is this type of foods that normally compound the weight problems of most people.

The desire for high energy foods occurs when we sense the body is running low on energy. With the intake of these supplements the body, adjusts to producing natural energy on its own thus eliminating the need for these foods.

Though a lot has been said about the benefits of this wonder pill, less is told about its side effects. This is the reason why purchase of these drugs over the counter without consulting a doctor doctor can be very harmful to your health.It is always wise to interrogate both the positive and negative effects of any drug before using it.

Bee pollen also reacts badly with some types of herbal medicine and some ingredients commonly found in most clinical medicine. It is good to clarify these exceptions when shopping for these supplements, so as to avoid some explosive consequences like rash reactions on your body. The best way to go about it if not sure is to discontinue the consumption of other drugs for the period you are under these diet pills.

In some very rare cases, prolonged use of these diet supplements can cause the development of acute renal failure. Although the chances of this occurring are very remote, it is good to have this in mind as a possibility while taking these pills.

These drugs are also off limits to persons who are diabetic. This is due to the fact that pollen is known to interfere with the insulin levels in the body which are already strained. The effectiveness of hypoglycemics is also compromised.If you are diabetic and would like to lose weigh then it is best you consult a health specialist who will suggest other safer methods.

Other side effects of bee pollen supplements include swelling problems, breathing difficulties, dizziness and liver damage. Furthermore, consumption of these pills is not recommended during pregnancy and breast-feeding as it might distress the infant.

It is not all doom and gloom with this wonder pill. In addition to yielding wonderful results to those attempting to lose weight, it also has the effect of enhancing your libido, and improving matters in between the sheets. Athletes too have experienced new strength levels in their activities. Buy these Bee Pollen Diet pills today and you will definitely gain more than just losing a few kilos. Only do not forget to consult a qualified health practitioner on the right dosage.

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