Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Neat Trick To Enhance Your Juicer

By Hassan Khan

It is said that adults should get 8 to 9 servings of juice per day.However, most people never get anywhere near their daily recommended servings of fruit or vegetables. This takes place for many reasons. The number one reason is that many adults hate vegetables. It is something that they have never out grown. Or, if taste is not the reason, then there will be other excuses like the lack of time to eat their vegetables. Or, then there are the ones who claim that vegetables and fruits are not affordable when they are fresh.

If you happen to hate veggies just like these people, then you will see that juicing will change your mind about vegetables. That is correct. Put them into a Green Star Power Juicer and come up with great tasting smoothies or other types of drinks. If you hate broccoli, then it is easier to get it down if it is juiced and combined with sweeter flavors such as cranberry or apple juice.

You will find that juiced foods have unique benefits for you and your body. When consumed, they go through your digestive system very quickly, if fresh. They are filled with plenty of vitamins, digestive enzymes, minerals and even water. However, they tend to lose their nutritious value if they are not consumed within 24 hours of being made. But, if you cannot get around this, then add lemon juice to it and store it in a tightly sealed container.

You will find that your recipes will be much more interesting if you choose lots of different produce for your juicing recipes. Although there may be ones that stand out the most for you, you should continue to experiment and find more. Blend various fruits and veggies and see what you get. The follow are just a few of the fruits that are popular for juicing.

Apples are a great fruit to put into your Green Star Power Juicer and use for juicing recipes. Unlike some of the other fruits and veggies are seasonal, apples can be purchased at all times of the year. This means that they are a great choice to keep in mind when creating juicing recipes that can be enjoyed year round. Apple juice has a huge popularity because of its sweet taste. A lot of people hate the taste of vegetables.On many occasions, there are even people who do not like how certain fruits taste when juiced.However, when you add apple juice to the mix and toss it into your Green Power juicer, the flavor becomes delicious.

Carrots are also a popular choice for juicing recipes. One of the best things about carrots is that they are not as perishable as other veggies. Also, they have a unique sweet flavor. Carrots are also filled with beta carotene, which is an antioxidant that helps to improve vision.

Simply put, you do not have any more valid excuses for not getting the daily amount of servings that your body needs. All you have to do is put a healthy blend of veggies or fruits into your Green Star Juice Extractor and make a delicious and healthy drink. Not only will they be good for you, but you will love how good they taste too.

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